Why Use An Email To Fax Service


Why Use An Email To Fax Service

Businesses are gradually phasing out the usage of fax machines because email has taken over as the popular way to transmit documents digitally. A fax machine is bulky and takes up precious office space. Many businesses have disposed of their fax machines because emailing documents is generally acceptable in most cases. However, there are still instances when a business will require a document to be transmitted through fax. This is particularly true if one of the parties involved is a government entity. So, if a business no longer has a fax machine, how can the business fax a document to the recipient? The answer is by using an email to fax service.

This type of service allows the sending and receiving of a fax without a fax machine. It works when you have to send a fax to the recipient’s fax machine, or if you have to receive a document sent by the sender’s fax machine. When you are the sender, you typically upload your document into the service’s program. The service converts the uploaded document into a format that is readable by the recipient’s fax machine. In turn, if you are the recipient of a fax, the document faxed to you will be converted by the service into an attachment that you can read in your email.

Using an email to fax service is a great way for a business to keep faxing capabilities without investing in separate equipment. All you need is your computer and a scanner. You can even use the service with your mobile device.

In terms of cost, this method is economical. There are options to pay for each transmission if you only send or receive a fax once in a while. If the frequency is higher, services generally offer a monthly rate for a predetermined number of faxes coming in or going out. If your recipient is international, there might be additional fees. An email to fax service will usually provide a few payment or subscription models so you can choose the one that fits your needs the best..

There are a number of fax services out there. When trying to select one, consider how frequently you will use the service. It would help if you can ask for recommendations from other business owners. You can also do a search online for reviews. When you read the comments, take note of what reviewers say about the reliability of service and the quality of the transmission. Are people happy about the quality of customer service when there was a problem with a fax? Were they able to get a service rep on the phone right away, or did they have to email the problem and wait a period time for a response? Jot down the names of services that consistently received good reviews.

If you plan to use am email to fax service frequently, you should choose the few that stand out and call each one for more information. From the initial phone call, you can gauge how responsive the service agents are. This might give you a clue on the type of customer service you can expect to get. When you find the right service, it will save you time and money whenever you have to send or receive a fax.

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