Why Should You Keep a Drain Basin Clean?


Drain basins are known by several other names including storm drains and catch basins. They are located on many commercial properties and they are found in neighborhoods as well. Drain basins are critical in landscaping so water does not puddle, accumulate or cause other issues. These basins help standing water and rain drain away quickly.

However, drain basins do not only catch water. When water drains away through the basin, it also drains away anything else that comes along with it. Drain basins are designed so that water is not immediately removed from the land. Instead, these systems are created so that water collects before it begins to flow away.

As a result, other particles such as sediment, dirt, leaves and anything else that is on the land will settle at the bottom. Even though this decreases the risk that the drainage pipes will become clogged, it does increase the risk that this is when problems with the basin will begin.

When Should A Drain Basin Be Cleaned?

Unfortunately, most property owners do not realize how important it is to keep the drain basins on their properties clean until it is too late. For example, when particles, dirt, and sediment makes up more than one-fourth of the basin’s capacity, it will need to be cleaned.

If these basins are not regularly maintained, the debris and sediment will begin to overflow into the pipes. This will result in clogs within the entire system. In addition, this will cause many other problems to appear.

When these basins are not cleaned, they can emit a noticeable stench. This is one problem that no residential or commercial property wants to deal with.

Uncleaned drain basins can also attract insects. Debris is slower to drain out of the basins, and it can quickly heat during the summer. This creates a perfect environment for mosquitoes to breed. This is one of the reasons why property owners may wonder why there is a mosquito problem on their property when there is no standing water around. Dirty drain basins may be the culprit.

Drain basins should be cleaned at least once every year. The perfect time to clean them is during the rainiest time of the year. However, if you notice an unpleasant smell or if you see an increase in insect activity on your property, or you notice an area of the property that has standing water, you should inspect the drainage basins.

The Best Way To Clean A Drain Basin

The easiest way to clean a drain basin is to simply remove any debris that is collected at the bottom of the basin. However, this is a project that you should not perform on your own. The majority of drain basins are extremely deep. Attempting to remove the gunk by yourself is not only disgusting, but it can also be very dangerous.

If you notice that your drain basin is becoming clogged, it is time to contact a professional. Not only do they have the proper tools to do the job safely, but they will also ensure that the basin is cleaned in a way so that it will not back up again.

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