What You Need To Do For PostNatal Care


Postnatal care basically involves giving yourself attention and care right after giving birth. There are a number of tips new mothers need to follow when it comes to postnatal care. These tips include;

1. Getting Sufficient Rest

The experience right after childbirth for most mothers is complete exhaustion. In addition to this the new born baby needs to be fed and changed frequently. You can ensure that you get enough rest by delegating household duties and asking for assistance whenever the need arises. You should also ensure that you sleep when the baby is sleeping.

2. Stay In Contact With Your Doctor

A new mother’s body will be week for the first couple of weeks right after birth, this therefore means that you need to be in close contact with your doctor. You should also avoid missing doctor’s appointments. In case you experience any pain, discomfort, fever, shivering and dizziness you should contact your doctor immediately. In case you had a C-section you should always visit your doctor whenever you experience any pain or discomfort.

3. Check On Your Diet And Nutrition

As much as you will be busy taking care of your baby, you should not forget your own needs. You should try to stay in shape by watching what you eat. You should try to avoid foods that have high calories since exercise will not in be in your priority list.

4. Find Ways To Be Active

Physical activity will help you lose the weight you gained during pregnancy, it also helps reduce post-partum stress. You can step out every day for short walks, do breathing exercises, post pregnancy exercises and pelvic floor muscle exercises. Most new mothers usually think that they are not supposed to be working out for the first six months after delivery, this should be considered as a myth since physical activity is essential for new mothers.

5. Maintain Hygiene

As a new mother you are prone to numerous infections that can pass to the baby and also reduce your healing process. You should wash your hands as often as you can, rinse your breasts immediately after breast feeding your baby and also ensure your visitors follow proper hygiene standards.

6. Take Plenty Of Water

During pregnancy you are likely to lose a lot water because you will be urinating more frequently. In order to reduce the chances of dehydration, bladder infections and contracting a urinary tract infection you should ensure you drink a lot of water.

7. Don’t Be Stressed About Baby Fat

Baby fat is extremely difficult to lose, therefore this issue should not stress you out. You should ensure that you follow a healthy and routine diet and also do regular exercises to help you stay fit and healthy

8. Check On Post-Partum Blues

You will tend to be more emotional and irritable for the first few days after giving birth, this is due to hormonal changes which is completely normal. However if other symptoms such as lack of appetite, anxiety, disinterest in the baby and sleep issues occur you will need to see a postpartum depression expert.

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