What To Look For In Litigation Lawyers In Columbus


If someone finds themselves in need of a litigation lawyer it means that they need someone to represent them in court. The lawyer will represent their client at trial and defend them against civil lawsuits. Litigation lawyers in Columbus manage every part of the litigation including pretrial and trial litigation, investigations, pre-trial pleadings and when necessary, the appeal process.

What Is The First Thing They Will Do?

One of the first things that litigation lawyers in Columbus will typically do is an investigation into the case against you. The attorney will want to know what evidence if any exists against you and if there is any evidence that could support your innocence. Some of the things they will do as part of the investigation are to locate witnesses, take statements, further investigate all facts around the case, and gather various documents.

Draft And Present Pleadings

A case that requires a litigation attorney will need to have a number of motions and pleadings filed with the court. When the attorney for the plaintiff files complaints and summons then the defense lawyer will prepare counterclaims and answers for the complaint. The litigation lawyer will collaborate with you in the investigation when putting together the responses. It is common for an attorney like this to put forth a number of pretrial motions as well.

How To Find The Right Litigation Attorney For Your Defense

It is very important to get an experienced attorney when you need someone to litigate the case on your behalf in a court of law. This is far more complex than having a lawyer draw up some legal papers. An attorney like this will need to have a grasp of several areas of law including how to litigate in court but also how to negotiate outside the courtroom. They will need to know how to put together an investigation to gather all the facts and other evidence needed to fight the case.

Their Personality And Yours Should Be Compatible

When putting together your case it may be necessary to spend a lot of time together and to work on the case together. This means that their personality and yours will need to be compatible. It is also because you need to be able to trust them.

You will want to be completely comfortable with your attorney and believe in their ability to get the best possible outcome. There may be things beyond their personality that you might want to consider. In some cases, it might be more desirable to have a male or a female attorney depending on the particular situation. The age of the attorney could be a factor for you as well. These things are secondary to their legal prowess but none the less they can be important depending on the particular situation.


It is certainly necessary to know what it will cost to use your attorney’s services. It will have to be something that is within reason and something that you can do. It’s never a good idea to choose an attorney based on low costs but at the same time if those costs are so high that they are completely unachievable for you then that attorney may not be the best choice.

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