What Factors Should You Consider When Shopping For Metal Drain Grates


Metal drain grates are very useful pieces of manufacturing, and yet they’re just not something you shop for every day. If you happen to find yourself needing to shop for them, you might not be sure how to go about it. It’s not like you can just run to the store and get one. Keep reading to learn the various factors you should into consideration:

Why They’re Necessary

Drain grates are necessary in many settings. You might be most used to seeing them over drain openings over sewer lines or stormwater runoffs on the edges of streets and in parking lots. They’re the things you fear dropping your car keys or smartphone into if the openings are big enough. They do serve a purpose though, as they should keep people from falling into them or car tires from having a rough ride or getting stuck. They have to strike a balance between letting water in but keeping most people, vehicles, or things out.

Metal Drain Grates Over Cast Iron

Traditionally, these have been made of cast iron, which is quite durable and robust. Metal drain grates are a better choice these days, as they are just as durable and can even last longer than cast iron. They can even be stronger when made right. Having said that, they can be lighter in weight and a lot more cost-effective as they can be cheaper to make or buy.

The Specific Application

One huge consideration is the specific application you need metal drain grates for. They’re not just used for stormwater runoff points in streets, but also garage drains, driveway trenches, and sump pump drains. You might even use them in landscaping for a French drain that keeps rainwater from pooling in one part of the yard where it might seep into the soil and threaten the foundation of your home or your basement.

How Much It Weighs

As mentioned already, the weight of a metal drain grate can be less than cast iron, which makes it easier to move in and out of place as necessary. For that matter, you need to make sure that the surrounding drain and frame can support the weight of the grate so it doesn’t collapse on you after you put it into position.

How Much Weight It Can Support

The flip side of that factor is making sure it can support the weight of anything likely to be on top of it, whether it’s a grown adult or a vehicle rolling over it. Not only that, it needs to be able to support that weight many times a day for many years to prove useful.

Preconfiguration Or Custom Application

You may or may not find something preconfigured for the application you need, so you might have to order something custom. That might cost more, but it’s also the chance to get what’s perfect for you in terms of size, shape, weight, material, and structure. For that matter, you might even be able to choose a custom color that blends in.

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