Top Popular Dog Food Ingredients


All dog food is not created equal and some simply provide better for the nutritional needs of your beloved pet than others. The problem is finding which dog foods are best and this primarily comes down to the types of ingredients that are contained in their meals.

Whether you are choosing to make your own dog food or purchase a ready made option, some of the top popular dog food ingredients that you may want to consider include:

1. Ostrich Meat

Ostrich meat is very high in protein and low in fat. Dog food often lacks protein which can leave your dog (especially a growing pup) feeling hungry after eating. Dog food that contains only chicken is notoriously low in protein. Canines are primarily carnivorous which means that they require lots of protein. So opt for a food that contains meat from an Ostrich to give your doggy that protein boost that he needs.

In addition, Ostrich meat is extremely lean which means that it is low in fat and the ideal option for a dog that is overweight and needs to shed some pounds.

2. Oats Or Quinoa

While dogs are primarily carnivorous, they are actually omnivorous which means that they require additional food groups such as carbohydrates. Most dog foods contain rice, maize or even processed wheat flour which actually make up the larger portion of the food. These are not ideal, especially the processed types such as corn syrup or soy. Rather opt for a food that contains oats or quinoa which are low GI meaning that they release energy slowly. These are far healthier options and should provide your pet with his energy needs throughout the day. Remember that organic grains are preferable.

3. Vegetables

Your dog also needs fiber, essential vitamins (such as vitamin C and E) and minerals which are contained in vegetables. Sweet potatoes are packed full of potassium and are also a healthy carbohydrate. Carrots and peas are also a great addition to any dog food. Once again, keep in mind that organic veggies are a far better choice for your pets.

4. Raw Meaty Bones

Raw meaty bones or RMB’s are a great addition to your dogs diet and contain the tendons that provide for a range of nutritional and health requirements. These are bones for eating and can be added as an ingredient to your dog’s meals. Bones are ideal for meeting the calcium requirements for strong teeth and bones.

5. Organ Meat

The heart, liver, kidneys and other organs are super high in protein and packed full of other nutrients. However, organ meat should not be substituted for the meat protein that is contained in the food but should rather be in addition to the regular meaty requirements. Organ meat is also low in fat and therefore ideal for weight loss.

Always keep in mind that a balanced diet is key to good nutrition for your four-legged friend. Stay away from dog foods that bulk up with carbohydrates and contain more veg than meat and consider opting for the above popular dog food ingredients instead.

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