Tips For Buying A Pressure Washer & How To Use It


One of the best cleaning tools that you can purchase for your home or business is a pressure washer. These can easily clean floors and leave them looking almost brand new. However, there are dozens of different brands and models on the market, which makes it challenging to choose one. So, we will now look at a couple of tips that will help you to choose the best pressurized washer for your cleaning needs.

There are two main types and these are gas powered and electric powered. The benefit of buying a gas powered model is that it generates a much higher pressure than the electric models and is great for cleaning large spaces and areas such as driveways, decks etc. If you want a washer mainly for cleaning smaller items such as outdoor furniture, small patios etc, then you may be better off with an electric model. The con of the gas powered model is that it is very noisy and if you idle the washer for too long, overheating can occur. Also, since these models are more powerful, then there is the higher chance of accidental injury. With the electric models, the pressure is not as strong and you can use these for longer periods of time. Also, you will be limited by the length of the cord and hose which is usually between 25 – 30 feet. The gas powered models will typically cost you between $250 – $500 whereas the electric models are much cheaper at $100 – $250.

Next, you should take into consideration the nozzle of the pressure washer and if it has an all in one nozzle or if it comes with different replaceable nozzles. The different nozzles would offer differing degrees of pressure since they control the intensity as well as the angle of the water. As you can guess, the smaller the angle, the higher the pressure. It is best to avoid using the 0 degree angle nozzles since this is the most dangerous setting and has the highest risk of causing injury. You can use the 40 degree angle nozzle for light cleaning on items that can be easily damaged, the 25 degree nozzle for general cleaning, the 15 degree nozzle for stripping and any heavy duty cleaning and the zero degree nozzle for extreme cleaning jobs.

Now that we have looked at the important things you should pay attention to when choosing a washer, we will now look at a few tips. The first one is that using this washer can be very relaxing and you may want to spray randomly in a fashion that is similar to painting. However, this is not advisable since you won’t be cleaning the area thoroughly and you’ll miss a lot of spots. Instead, you should sweep the washer left to right in a smooth horizontal motion. You should also work from the top of an area to the bottom in order to prevent any streaks.

To wrap things up, we have just looked at a couple of tips that will help you to buy and use a pressure washer. Be sure to keep them in mind and you’ll soon have a great washer that will help you with your toughest cleaning jobs.

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