Tips For Asking For A Second Date


So the first date went really well and you would like to see him or her again but aren’t sure how to go about asking for a second date? You may be concerned about how long you should wait before contacting the person again, how to ask for the next date or you may just be unsure about what to do for your next date. While you would think that asking for a date the second time around should be easier, it can still be difficult.

Here are some dating tips from the pros to help you lock down the next date:

1. Sooner Rather Than Later

If you enjoyed your first date, it is best to let the other person know as soon as possible. A simple text saying that you had a great time and that you would like to do it again sometime provides you with an opening to ask for a second date later on. The best time to send this text is directly after you get home fro the first date. This text will also allow you to keep the lines of communication open and you an keep texting until you are ready for the next date. However, you shouldn’t overdo the texting, entering stalker territory, and frightening your prospective date away.

2. Have A Plan

Make sure that you have the plans for your second date in mind. There are plenty of good dating ideas out there that are ideal for getting to know the person better while having a great time. Do something different for your second date. Find a balance between a casual date and showing a little romance. Once you have your plans laid out, it will be much easier to ask the person if they would like to go out again.

3. Finding The Right Time

Deciding when the best time for asking for a second date can be a little tricky. Normally, when you have established good banter through texting and feel relaxed about texting and flirting with the other person, is the best time. If this is just a day or two after your first date, you can ask almost immediately. If it takes a little longer, then wait a while. About a week after the first date should be just about perfect.

4. Asking The Question

Although you may have been communicating primarily by text up to this point, it is definitely preferable to ask for the next date face to face. If you aren’t able to, then a phone call rather than a text is the next best thing. Don’t jump right in and first greet and ask the person how they are. Once the initial chatter starts to lag, ask the question. “I have two tickets to watch your favorite band and would love it if you would go with me?” OR “How would you like to join me for dinner and a movie on Friday night?”

Like most things in relationships, it is best to play it by ear when choosing the ideal time and way to ask for a second date.

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