Secure Online Fax – Keeping Your Documents Safe


They want you to fax the document for safety and security, but you do not own a fax machine. How can you be 100% sure your fax will remain secure and confidential? You must use a secure online fax service, not a random free service.

The Danger Of The Average Online Fax Service

Have you used online fax services in the past? How did you upload your document? The most common way to send an online fax is to upload a PDF file or a Word Document. The document is insecure and can be read by anyone.

Did you check to make sure the site provided at least SSL security? You can check to make sure the site is using basic security by making sure lock sign in shown in your browser. If it is not, avoid using the site.

Does that little lock guarantee security? No. It only provides you with security for the connection between your browser and their website. It does not tell you anything about the security of the company and how they will use the document your faxing.

This lack of information should be of great concern if you are faxing financial documents or medical information. Common online fax services do not meet HIPAA standards or other regulatory standards.

The Secure Choice

Secure online fax services offer more protection. They provide the SSL encryption between your computer and their website, but they go a few steps further.

Many of the secure services encrypt your documents so they are unreadable except by their system. The prevents people from intercepting the document and reading it. They make sure all transmissions are 100% encrypted so your information is always safe.

The best services even encrypt fax confirmations, incoming and outgoing fax transmissions, and even use hidden phone numbers to make sure no one can attempt to intercept your documents.

This level of security is necessary if you are using an online fax service in any medical profession or financial company.

Ease Of Use While Maintaining Security

Imagine how useful it would be if you could send and receive faxes on your smartphone. You could receive the fax, quickly add a note, and fax it back while you are out of the office. A few of the premier secure online fax services offer mobile apps which give you these functions.

They maintain complete security while giving you enhanced capabilities. Think how important this could be to a doctor who has been waiting for test results. He can see the results on his phone, reply to his office, and do it all while staying HIPAA compliant.

The Cost Of Security

Does all of this added security carry a high cost? No. It is actually very inexpensive. You can find plans starting with free options if you only fax a couple of pages per day. Most plans have low-cost options for offices and individuals who fax less than 300 pages per month. The costs are usually under $20 month and provide both incoming and outgoing fax options. You may be able to eliminate your fax machine and its phone line.

If you can eliminate a phone line, you may save money by using an online fax service instead of a traditional fax machine.

Secure faxes are crucial for your protection. Choose an online fax service that provides the security you need.

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