Resources for a Successful Military Career Transition


Moving from the world of serving for the United States military into being a full fledged civilian again can be challenging. The key is fully understanding the resources that are available to you that can help you to easily move into a new career. There are countless resources that help those entering the workforce, but there are even specific programs that address the individual needs of those seeking a military career transition.

If you have a local workforce development center they should be your first step. In most states and counties they have services that are intended to help anyone find employment. In many cases they offer different levels of training that can increase your marketability with employers. The important thing is that you seek out the services that are available to you so that you can land a job that will meet your financial needs.

In addition to specific job training, you can also get assistance with building a solid resume. Having a great resume will help you to get your foot in the door to interviews. This is the most important aspect of job searching in many ways. Getting noticed when applying can be extremely difficult, but getting interviews will greatly increase your chances of getting a job.

There are also special programs that are tailored specifically for the needs of those looking to make a military career transition. Those that are entering the civilian working world have special skills that can translate into a wide variety of careers. Those that work in the field of helping those that were in the military to transition understand this. They work hard to help people make the transition as smoothly as possible.

In many cases they also have connections with local employers, which can help get you employed in a very little amount of time. Of course this isn’t guaranteed, but it can help a great deal. In today’s world it is very much about who you know. Having someone that is advocating for you and helping you along the way can greatly reduce the amount of time that it takes to get a good job.

Finally, the most important aspect is to be persistent. Even for the most qualified individuals it can take months to find a new position. The job market is definitely growing, but there is still more people looking for work than jobs out there. This doesn’t mean that you won’t land the job that you want, but it can mean that it can take some time. Many people re-entering the civilian job search find that they have to take something less than what they qualify for, for at least a short amount of time. This depends, of course, on what you have saved to get you through the transition.

Job searching is not the most enjoyable experience, no matter what your credentials might be. The key is to use the resources available to you. This can greatly reduce the amount of time that it takes to land the job that is right for you.

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