Health Benefits Of Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials (essential oils) that are inhaled to treat various health conditions, among other benefits. This method has been around for thousands of years where people would use it as supplemental medicine to change cognitive states and improve mood among other uses. Aromatherapy entails the use of carrier oils, herbal distillates, phytoncides, and vaporizer oils to produce the desired fragrances in vapor form. Some of the common uses and health benefits of aromatherapy include:

1. Stress Relief

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to treat cases of anxiety and stress. One only needs to use the right oils to invoke a sense of relaxation and stress relief. Some of the most commonly used oils for stress and anxiety relief include lavender, lemon oil, bergamot, ylang-ylang, and peppermint essential oils. Simply placing a few drops of any of these oils in a vaporizer produces enough fragrances to help release ions that facilitate stress relief. Adding a few of these oil to your bath, and simply soaking in the water can help as well.

2. Antidepressant

In the fast-paced world and many people juggling with various stresses in life, it’s easy for depression to slide it taking control over your life. Although pharmaceutical antidepressants might come in handy in containing this condition, the risk of possible side effects is just too much for many people. Essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, peppermint, and jasmine oils can be used to help prevent or manage depression. Combined with aromatherapy, these compounds come in handy in relieving signs and symptoms of depression without posing any risks to the user.

3. Increased Energy Levels

The modern life is filled with hectic daily tasks that can be draining. Although most people turn to stimulants such as energy pills, cigarettes, coffee, or even illegal drug for extra energy, aromatherapy is the only safer bet when it comes to increased energy levels. Inhaling vapor produced by certain essential oils helps raise energy levels by stimulating increased blood circulation, respiration, as well as boost mental and brain cell relaxation. This makes it easier for one to concentrate even more, thus increased productivity. Some of the recommended oils for increased energy levels include cinnamon, black pepper, jasmine, rosemary, tea tree, and clove essential oils.

4. Speeds Up The Healing Process

Inhaling essential oils vapor is known to increase the rate at which the body and cells recover from injuries. These oils work by promoting increased flow of oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to wounds, thus promoting faster healing and recovery. Most of these oils also pack antimicrobial properties that come in handy in fighting disease-causing microbes. Simply add a few drops of either lavender, rosehip, calendula, or buckthorn essential oils in your diffuser to experience the benefits.

5. Promote Sleep

Many people struggle to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep, however, paves the way for several health conditions. If you however have been suffering from sleeplessness, insomnia, or inability to stay asleep, adding a few drops of essential oils in your diffuser might help manage the condition. Some of these essential oils have sedative properties that come in handy in calming brain cells hence inducing sleep.

These are just but some of the ways you can use aromatherapy to contain various health conditions. Be sure to invest in the right oils for the best results.

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