Popular White Wine Favorites


There are more than 1,000 wine-grape types which are known as Vinis Vinifera that are used to make wine. For example, in Italy, there is such a vast variety of grape types and clones, that in certain cases it is just classified as a resident to a small village where the vines were planted. Yet beyond this, there are various mainstream types of white wine favorites that are well appreciated by the wine lovers.
Here is a list of some of the more common white wine favorites:
1. Chardonnay

When people talk about white wines, Chardonnay is usually one of the first types that people think about. It is classified as a highly popular wine in the US. Out of the whites, Chardonnay is a wine that is more complex. It also varies in taste which can include a full-body wine with subtle hints of spice, butter, and oak onto medium varieties that are velvety and gold which is often accompanied by notes of vanilla, nuts, and fruit.

2. Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc’s which also go by the name of Fume Blanc is a highly popular wine that suits a number of taste buds and budgets. If you do not enjoy how rich a Chardonnay usually is, but you still like a fruity wine, then the Sauvignon Blanc is probably a better choice. This classic grape variety is planted more commonly in Bordeaux which is the eastern Loire regions in France, where it originally started before it made its way to the US and other countries.

3. Pinot Grigio Or Gris

The Pinot Grigio and Gris is actually from the same variety of grapes. The one term is Italian and the other is French. The Pinot Gris is also a highly favored white wine in the US. Pinot Noir which is the cousin to this grape is a wine that provides slightly more body than what is found in the Sauvignon Blancs. The nose provides pear and minerality notes, which goes extremely well with lighter fare and seafood.

4. Viognier

This grape varietal has increased in popularity in the US over the past few years. Historically, the winemakers from France in the Rhone areas, where this varietal originates from added Viognier to their Syrah’s in order to enhance a vibrant fruity quality. Today many other winemakers have followed this method, which means more of these grapes have been planted in the US, and Viognier is now available as it is.

This is a type of wine with a very tropical aroma, with peach and banana characters along with high levels of floral aromas. This is definitely the type of wine to please your olfactory senses. The alcohol levels present in this wine type is often higher when compared to other wine types, which is why you need to monitor how much you are drinking. Since the Viognier comes with a pronounced fruity and floral richness, it is best to pair it with richer meals such as steak, baked camembert cheese, or a rich stew.

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