The Exclusive Selection of Caymus Wine


The premium Caymus wines are associated with the Wagner family, who have been in the business of making wine for a number of generations. Members of this family that currently operate and own the Caymus Vineyards, situated in Napa Valley, have been living in America since 1885.

This family started making wines in 1915, and the business was a success until 1920 when the sale and production of any type of alcohol which included wine became illegal. All the wine-making facilities across the US suffered and many closed their doors until this Prohibition came to an end in 1933.

Charles Wagner along with his wife came from descendants that had ties within the winery businesses. Along with Chuck, their son they carried on this tradition, when they opened a winery of their own in 1972. They named the winery “Caymus”.

Since then the Caymus Vineyards have gone onto earn a number of awards and even earned a place in the Wine Spectator’s “Hall of Fame”, and an award for the “Best Winery for Cabernet Sauvignon”.

The grapes present in the Caymus wine are derived from different vineyards. While they do use the grapes which are grown on over 60 acres of the Caymus property, they also obtain their grapes from different vineyards situated in Napa Valley.

1. The Caymus Cabernet

This winery has a specialty when it comes to producing Cabernet Sauvignon since they first opened its doors in 1972. To produce this popular wine, they use grapes derived from vines which were planted over 40 years ago. These grapes are known for producing an amazing flavor in these wines. The vines that the Wagners planted decades ago are the reason this winery is such a success and the reason why it continues to earn awards year after year.

While their 1975 vintage was considered originally the very best winery to be produced, Chuck Wagner who now oversees this winery since his father’s death in 2002, has continued to find new ways and methods to improve on the Caymus wine selections.

2. Special Selection

In the years where harvests result in exceptionally special grapes which result in spectacular wines, Caymus releases their Special Selection wines. This only occurs on very rare cases. Their most recent Special Selection is from their 2008 vintage.

3. The Caymus Zinfandel

The Zinfandel wine grape was a personal favorite for Charlie Wagner, and this winery is famous for producing small batches of this bold and spicy red wine. The grapes for this wine are sourced from only the highest quality Napa Valley vineyards, which include the Butala Vineyard in St. Helena.

What You Need To Know About Visiting The Caymus Winery

The Caymus Vineyards offers wine tastings, but only by appointment. However, they do have a retail area that is open to the public daily, and customers are welcome to place their orders by phone. The Caymus Vineyards website offers more information on their retail hours and more about the vineyards and their latest offerings on premium wines.

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