5 Natural Remedies for Pain


At one point in your life, you may experience excruciating pain. Pain can be defined as an unpleasant feeling and a signal which your brain uses to alert you that something is wrong. When you feel pain, you will definitely look for a remedy.

There are two types of remedies for pain: natural remedies and synthetic remedies. These remedies can either heal the pain or, cover it up. You should always go for remedies for pain which can heal it, and not cover it up. Here are five natural remedies which can heal pain.


As reported by the Arthritis Journal, ginger works better than ibuprofen in relieving pain. Ibuprofen can only prevent inflammation. On the other hand, ginger can inhibit inflammation and also prevent the formation of inflammatory compounds such as leukotrienes and prostaglandins. Moreover, ginger can work as an antioxidant, preventing the occurrence of acidity in muscle joints.

2. Essential Oils

Certain types of oils can relieve pain, especially when you use these oils to massage your body. Some examples of these essential oils include sandal wood, lavender, hemp oil, and bergamot oil. Coupled with a nice massage, these oils will help you to relax and ease pain.

3. Turmeric

Besides being a spice, turmeric is a pain reliever. Turmeric helps to inhibit inflammation. Moreover, it can be used to improve general blood circulation and, to prevent clotting of blood.

Curcumin is a chemical compound which is extracted from turmeric. As asserted by Doctor Oz, it is this extract that fights off enzymes which cause inflammation.

4. White Willow Back

White willow back is fondly referred to as the first and original Aspirin. This is because it contains a chemical element called salicin. When you take salicin, your body system will convert it into salicylic acid – which is the main ingredient used to manufacture Aspirin.

White willow back can greatly relieve pain, as well as inhibit inflammation and body fever. If you intend to use it as a pain reliever, the recommended dose is two drops of the white willow back tincture in one day.

5. Capsaicin

Capsaicin is extracted from the chilli pepper plant. It is reputable for relieving joint, nerve and, muscle pain. Capsaicin is commonly used by athletes and fitness instructors to inhibit muscle joint pain. Capsaicin works by preventing the functionality of the Substance P chemical.

It is this chemical that helps in the transmission of pain signals to the nervous system. Since it hinders this chemical’s functionality, capsaicin can be classified as a pain reliever. Capsaicin is available in two forms; as a cream or a gel. You should apply it three to four times each day, whenever you feel pain at the joints or muscles.

Way Forward

When you use natural remedies for pain, you will not experience any adverse side effect. On the other hand, artificial remedies may prove to be ineffective and they may make you to be drug resistant. Choosing natural remedies for pain over artificial remedies is a significant way to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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